About Me

By slavedave



i am slavedave, a heterosexual man in a loving relationship with my beautiful, dominant, wonderful wife. i am also a perfectly trained, slutty hypnoslave. My wife plays the MP3s for her pleasure, enjoying how they fuck with my mind, or better train me for her use.


This site contains honest revews of the hypnosis files we have received (almost all were paid for, some were free, and in some instances the hypnodomme presented them to us) and used. i won’t lie to you. What you read hear is exactly what i think of each file.


If you are new to the hypnotic fetish lifestyle, welcome! i hope this site gives you more insight into the exquisite joys to be found in being prepared and trained for ultimate mental submission.


If you are a hypnodomme and would like me to review a file for you, please contact me @ slavedave@hypnoslave.us. i am happy and eager to listen to, submit, and subsequently share anything you would have me hear.